Information on the industrial radiography source related event in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province (19/02/2008)

While doing the radiography work at the construction site for the oil rig Bunga Orkid D (BOD) from 11:30 to 12:30, 28 December 2007, the radiography workers of the Alpha Company dropped a radiation source Ir-192 with the radioactivity 26,68 Ci. The source after that was recovered and placed in the container at 15:40. Since 31 December 2007, the construction site came into normal operation. A report on this incident was submitted by the Ministry of Science and Technology to the Prime Minister on 3 January 2008.

Project checked-up “Study to design and improve 110cc motorbikes into three-wheel motorbikes using gas ..." (19/02/2008)

In January the first, Provincial Science Council held a meeting to check-up a project called “Study to design and improve 110cc motorbikes into three-wheel motorbikes which use gas for collecting and transporting solid waste of inhabitant in BR-VT”, which is chaired by Dr. Truong Thanh Cong, Director of the DoST. This project has been headed by En. Le Minh Hai – Dong Minh Gas Co. Ltd.

Plan checked-up “Develop a program of financial management and company Website” (09/01/2008)

In December 18, 2007, the DoST checked-up the plan called “Develop a program of financial management and company Website”, in the plan for assisting companies to develop S&T in 2007 of BR-VT at Petroleum and Commerce Joint-Stock Company and Bien Dong Commerce Company.

Project checked up: “Survey Scientific and technological potentials for Science and Technology (S&T) cadres in BR-VT...” (05/01/2008)

In November 10, the DoST held a council for checking up a project called “Survey scientific and technological potential for ST cadres in BR-VT, propose a solution for development” chaired by Dr. Prof. Ngo Van Luoc and presided by the Association of Science and Economy.

Training Course on image processing and internet edition (25/12/2007)

Within the project called " Developing the model of electrial information serving for BR-VT socio-economic development " in period II, from 27 to 31 of, a training course on "image procesing and internet edition" was held by the Center of Informatics and S&T Information for 10 cadres who work at the Station of S&T Electrical Information in 5 communes of Tan Hung (Ba Ria Town), Chau Pha (tan Thanh district), Phuoc Tinh (Long Dien district), Dat do (Dat Do district) and Long Son (Vung Tau).

Approval of proposal of scientific research study: "developing a model of study society in BR–VT" (25/12/2007)

On 21 August, 2007, the Provincial Scientific Committee examined a proposal of scientific research study - Developing a model of study society in BR–VT for approving it, co-chaired by   Mr. Do Quoc Hung, the Chairman of Study Encouragement Society (SES) and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hue, the Chairman of Provincial Educational Psychology Association (PEPA).

Acceptance of scientific study: Survey the potential of traditional careers in BR-VT (13/12/2007)

"Project defined urgent issues for maintaining and preserving traditional careers of the province and important to be checked-up", commented by the Provincial Science Council in the conference to check-up the project named " survey the potential of traditional carers in BR-VT, propose restoring solutions and plan to develop to serve for industrialization and modernisation". This project was chaired by Mr. Tran Xuan Rue, the Manager of the Bearau of Co-operative and Rural Development.