Vietnam Metrology Day Ceremony (15/02/2008)

Under the approval of Ministry of Science and Technology and People’s Committee of Haiphong City,Vietnam Directorate for Standards and Quality (STAMEQ) in colaboration with Vietnam Metrology Association (VINAMET) and Haiphong Science and Technology Department held Vietnam Metrology Day Ceremony (1950/01/20- 2008/01/20) on January 20th, 2008 in Haiphong City.

Overcoming the trouble of spread oil by Vietnamese technology (23/01/2008)

Engineer Le Ngoc Khanh (photo), having worked in many research production units affiliated to the Ho Chi Minh Department of Science & Technology, now in retirement, disclosed that there is a solution for overcoming the trouble of spread oil in a thorough and not expensive way.

Odorless sewer technology (28/12/2007)

Event though it is a rainy or sunny day , you hardly sense bad odor from sewers when walking on pavements or sitting in a side-walk coffees in Vung Tau as you do in other urban areas. It is the fact that Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu has pioneered the use of “Stemming bad odor from sewers technology” developed by engineer Hoàng Đức Thảo, who is also the director of the Baria-Vungtau Urban Sewerage And Drainage   Company (BUSADCO).

Guide to Baria-Vungtau Province (13/12/2007)

Address of Departments of Baria-Vungtau Province

Baria-Vungtau hot tourist spots (13/12/2007)


Driving 29km on the highway away from Xuyen Moc District, you can reach Binh Chau hot water spring. It is  the heart of a large area of 7,000ha of primeval forest and national preserved forest. It has hot water resources with more than 70 water streams. The temperature of surface water layer is about 64 degrees celsius and the bottom layer is 84 degrees celsius. Cajuput forests at this hot water resort remain green and fresh.

Baria-Vungtau’s major socio-economic targets for 2006-2010 (13/12/2007)

* Average annual GDP growth rate:

-          Oil-related growth rate: 11 – 13%

-          Non-oil growth rate: 17.77-20.65%.

The long road to socio-economic development Baria-Vungtau province’s 1992-2005 socio-economic performan (13/12/2007)

* Average GDP growth rate:

-          Oil-related growth rate: 14,7%

-          Non-oil growth rate: 21,05%


* Per capita GDP:

-          Oil-related GDP per capita: $7,050.

-          Non-oil GDP per capita: $2,574.