Breakthrough Offers New Route to Large-Scale Quantum Computing (22/10/2012)

In a key step toward creating a working quantum computer, Princeton researchers have developed a method that may allow the quick and reliable transfer of quantum information throughout a computing device

Face Transplant Patient No Longer Hides from World (19/10/2012)

An American man who lived with a severely disfigured face for more than a decade and received the most extensive face transplant in history said this week that he has been given a new life.

Multivitamins Curb Cancer in Some Older Men (19/10/2012)

The daily multivitamin, America’s most popular dietary supplement, has shown that it modestly prevents cancer in some older men, according to a US clinical study that was published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association

The good, bad and ugly history of Microsoft hardware (18/10/2012)

Microsoft built its identity on software development. Just refer to the name, and pay special attention to the "soft." But throughout its storied history, the company has progressively become much more of a multi-discipline workshop, producing physical gear alongside ethereal software code

Chinese Want to Put Computer 'Brains' in the Cloud (11/10/2012)

Millions of people use cloud computing without knowing it, by watching videos, sharing photos or using social media — online services such as YouTube, Gmail, Flickr and Facebook all depend on it

Ten Computers That Changed the World (11/10/2012)

There are so many technological devices in the world that it is difficult to count them all. People use all sorts of electronics in and around their homes, workplaces, and while on the move. Apart from cellphones the piece of technology that has changed the world substantially over the last century is the personal computer . We can all agree that without the technological advancements that come with every passing day, we would still be in the Stone Age living like cavemen.

NASA's Swift Satellite Discovers a New Black Hole in our Galaxy (11/10/2012)

An X-ray outburst caught by NASA's Swift on Sept. 16, 2012, resulted from a flood of gas plunging toward a previously unknown black hole. Gas flowing from a sun-like star collects into a disk around the black hole. Normally, this gas would steadily spiral inward. But in this system, named Swift J1745-26, the gas collects for decades before suddenly surging inward

10 reasons why the desktop PC will live forever (11/10/2012)

Steve Jobs piqued consumer curiosity when he unveiled the iPad and declared "the post-PC era has begun." And now with the imminent release of Windows 8 RT tablets—low-powered slates running a touch-friendly version of Office—it might seem that perhaps the world actually can live without desktop computers

Acoustic Cell-Sorting Chip May Lead to Cell Phone-Sized Medical Labs (03/10/2012)

A technique that uses acoustic waves to sort cells on a chip may create miniature medical analytic devices that could make Star Trek's tricorder seem a bit bulky in comparison, according to a team of researchers.

Bringing Pieces of Mars to Earth: How NASA Will Do It (02/10/2012)

Over the next few months, NASA will map out a strategy for returning bits of Martian rock and soil to Earth, so scientists can study them for signs of past Red Planet life.