More than 6 million LinkedIn passwords stolen (07/06/2012)

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Russian hackers released a giant list of passwords this week, and on Wednesday security researchers identified their likely source: business social networking site LinkedIn.

Life Scientists View Biodiversity Through a Whole New Dimension: Body Size, Feeding Rates (01/06/2012)

ow can blue whales, the largest animals on the planet, survive by feeding on krill, shrimp-like creatures that are the size of a penny? According to UCLA life scientists, it's all a matter of dimensions. The scientists are currently looking at the effects of temperature -- another major driver of feeding rates -- and studying how to combine that with the results of the current study on feeding rates and dimensionality. The research was federally funded by the National Science Foundation.

Europe’s ATV-3 Spacecraft to Raise Space Station Orbit (28/05/2012)

Two main engines of European Space Agency’s ATV-3 space freighter will be switched on early on Saturday to readjust the orbit of the International Space Station (ISS), Russian Mission Control said.

Indian boy solves 350-year-old Math problem set by Newton (28/05/2012)

A 16-year-old Indian origin schoolboy in Germany has managed to crack puzzles that baffled the world of maths for more than 350 years, it was reported in London Saturday.          

Dragon Spacecraft to Attempt Docking ISS on Friday (25/05/2012)

The first private U.S. cargo spacecraft, the Dragon, will make an attempt on Friday to dock with the International Space Station (ISS), a spokesman for the Mission Control said.

Rare "ring of fire" solar eclipse to dim skies (21/05/2012)

The sun and moon will align over the earth in a rare astronomical event on Sunday - an annular eclipse that will dim the skies over parts of Asia and North America, briefly turning the sun into a blazing ring of fire.

Three-Telescope Interferometry Allows Astrophysicists to Observe How Black Holes Are Fueled (18/05/2012)

By combining the light of three powerful infrared telescopes, an international research team has observed the active accretion phase of a supermassive black hole in the center of a galaxy tens of millions of light years away, a method that has yielded an unprecedented amount of data for such observations. The resolution at which they were able to observe this highly luminescent active galactic nucleus (AGN) has given them direct confirmation of how mass accretes onto black holes in centers of galaxies.

Hubble Spies Edge-on Beauty (18/05/2012)

Visible in the constellation of Andromeda, NGC 891 is located approximately 30 million light-years away from Earth. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope turned its powerful wide field Advanced Camera for Surveys towards this spiral galaxy and took this close-up of its northern half. The galaxy's central bulge is just out of the image on the bottom left.

U.S. Launches Advanced Military Communications Satellite (05/05/2012)

The United States Air Force has launched an advanced communications satellite, the second in a new satellite network designed to improve U.S. ability to control its military forces around the globe, the online portal reported.

Europe’s ATV-3 Resupply Spacecraft to Raise ISS Orbit (04/05/2012)

Engines of European Space Agency’s ATV-3 resupply spacecraft will be switched on to readjust the International Space Station (ISS) orbit on Friday, a spokesman for Russia’s Mission Control Center said