New crew on course for space station (21/12/2011)

The Russian Soyuz TMA-03M spacecraft carrying a new crew to the International Space Station separated from the Soyuz-FG rocket and entered an intermediary orbit on Wednesday, a Federal Space Agency official said.

Soyuz launches sharp-eyed Pleiades satellite (19/12/2011)

A Russian Soyuz rocket has launched from French Guiana - only the second such vehicle to fly out of the territory's new Sinnamary spaceport.

Fracking Alternative? Or Just Hot Air? (16/12/2011)

A tech company is developing an alternative to fracking that uses sunlight to produce natural gas.

Several states are drilling for natural gas using a controversial process called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, where chemicals and high-pressure water are used to fracture rock, releasing the gas.

Supermassive black hole will 'eat' gas cloud (15/12/2011)

Researchers have spotted a giant gas cloud spiralling into the supermassive black hole at our galaxy's centre.

Microsoft Uses Android Malware Hysteria to Offer Free Windows Phones (15/12/2011)

Microsoft will give away free Windows Phones to five Android users with the worst malware horror stories.

Paper Powers This Battery (15/12/2011)

Electronics giant Sony has demonstrated a battery that runs on shredded paper, and produces water as a waste product.
At the Eco-Products conference in Tokyo, Sony had a group of kids put paper in a solution of water mixed with enzymes that break down the cellulose and generate current. In the demo, it powered a small fan.

ESA to resume attempts to contact Russia's failed Mars probe (13/12/2011)

A ESA station will make two more attempts to contact Russia's troubled Phobos-Grunt spacecraft on Tuesday, the head of the ESA office in Moscow said.

Russian woman cosmonaut may journey to space station (06/12/2011)

A Russian female cosmonaut may fly to the International Space Station in 2013, Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) chief Vladimir Popovkin said on Wednesday.

Liquid living worms survive space (01/12/2011)

Worms have survived their first space mission in liquid form.

The result, published in a Royal Society journal, means worm colonies can be established on space stations without the need for researchers to tend to them.


UK intelligence agency GCHQ has launched a code cracking competition to help attract new talent. (01/12/2011)

UK intelligence agency GCHQ has launched a code cracking competition to help attract new talent.

The organisation has invited potential applicants to solve a visual code posted at an unbranded standalone website.