NASA unveils plan for giant deep space rocket (14/09/2011)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - NASA unveiled plans on Wednesday for a mammoth deep-space rocket to carry astronauts to the moon, Mars and other destinations beyond the International Space Station

Rocket lifts off with satellites to probe moon (10/09/2011)

An unmanned U.S. rocket blasted off on Saturday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida to deliver twin robotic probes to the moon in the hope of learning what is inside.

Biological 'Computer' Destroys Cancer Cells (05/09/2011)

Researchers led by ETH professor Yaakov Benenson and MIT professor Ron Weiss have successfully incorporated a diagnostic biological "computer" network in human cells. This network recognizes certain cancer cells using logic combinations of five cancer-specific molecular factors, triggering cancer cells destruction.

Astrophysicists Solve 40-Year-Old Mariner 5 Solar Wind Problem: Turbulence Doesn’t Go With the Flow (30/08/2011)

Research led by astrophysicists at the University of Warwick has resolved a 40-year-old problem with observations of turbulence in the solar wind first made by the probe Mariner 5. The research resolves an issue with what is by far the largest and most interesting natural turbulence lab accessible to researchers today.
The research paper is published in Physical Review Letters and is by A.J. Turner, S. Chapman, B. Hnat, Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics, University of Warwick...

Subterranean Amazon river 'is not a river' (29/08/2011)

A subterranean river said to be flowing beneath the Amazon region of Brazil is not a river in the conventional sense, even if its existence is confirmed.

The "river" has been widely reported, after a study on it was presented to a Brazilian science meeting last week.

European ATV-3 unmanned cargo carrier shipped to Kourou (27/08/2011)

ATV-3, Europe's next unmanned cargo carrier to the International Space Station has arrived to the Kourou space center in French Guiana for next year's launch, the European Space Agency (ESA) said on its website.

Russia to test launch Soyuz rockets before delivering ISS crews (26/08/2011)

Russia will carry out two unmanned test launches of Soyuz carrier rockets in the coming fall before using them to deliver crews to the International Space Station, a source in the Russian space industry said on Friday.

Rescuers set off for search of Progress spacecraft wreckage in Siberia (25/08/2011)

A group of rescuers from the Russian Emergencies Ministry set off on Thursday for the search of remains of the Russian Progress M-12M space freighter in south Siberia.

HP considering PC spinoff, buying software company (19/08/2011)

Hewlett-Packard, the world's top personal computer maker, announced Thursday it is considering spinning off its PC unit in a historic shift away from the consumer market.

Chinese scientists come up with plan to save Earth from asteroid hit (18/08/2011)

A group of Chinese scientists have proposed using a solar sail to prevent the possible collision of Apophis, a 46 million ton asteroid, with the Earth in 2036.