Google makes bold bid for Motorola Mobility (17/08/2011)

Google Inc's biggest deal ever, acquiring Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc for $12.5 billion, is an attempt to buy insurance against increasingly aggressive legal attacks from rivals such as Apple Inc.

Honeycomb Carbon Crystals Possibly Detected in Space (16/08/2011)

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted the signature of flat carbon flakes, called graphene, in space. If confirmed, this would be the first-ever cosmic detection of the material -- which is arranged like chicken wire in flat sheets that are one atom thick.

Flickering Lights Could Power Wireless Networks (16/08/2011)

A ceiling full of blinking LEDs could help produce much more than just light.

Regular light bulbs straight from the shelf could be the future of wireless technology.

Energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LED) have long been eyed as a convenient replacement for energy to supply wireless networks. Labs and startups are producing custom-built LED prototypes with high-speed data transmission capabilities, but German researchers successfully converted light bulbs that come right off the shelf.

Experts redesign common microbe to fight drug-resistant bacteria (16/08/2011)

Researchers in Singapore have re-engineered a harmless strain of bacteria to fight another common, drug-resistant microbe that spreads in hospitals and is deadly to patients with weak immune systems.

To fight the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium, the scientists used a strain of the E.coli bacteria that is normally present in the human gut.

Arctic Ice Melt Could Pause for Several Years, Then Resume Again (15/08/2011)

Although Arctic sea ice appears fated to melt away as the climate continues to warm, the ice may temporarily stabilize or somewhat expand at times over the next few decades, new research indicates.
The computer modeling study, by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, reinforces previous findings by other research teams that the level of Arctic sea ice loss observed in recent decades cannot be explained by natural causes alone...

Meteor shower may have been 'caused by Earth-threatening comet' (15/08/2011)

A meteor shower detected in February was likely caused by an undiscovered comet that could pose a threat to the Earth, a U.S. astronomer said on Monday.

U.S. Treasury hits back against S&P rating downgrade (08/08/2011)

The U.S. Treasury Friday night hit back against a Standard and Poor's downgrade of U.S. top-notch credit rating, saying that the agency's judgment was flawed.

NASA launches Juno probe to explore Jupiter (06/08/2011)

The sun-powered unmanned probe Juno set off on Friday on a five-year cruise to Jupiter to explore the secrets of the Solar System formation through scrutinizing the biggest planet, NASA said.

Sun Packs a Double Punch (05/08/2011)

The initial August 2 coronal mass ejection (CME) arrived at Earth August 4 around 5 pm EDT.       
The two August 3 CMEs combined, arriving at Earth August 5 around 1:20 pm EDT, resulting in a strong compression of the magnetosphere. The arrival of thisdouble-punch CME is expected to result in auroras and minor to moderate disturbances in power grids at high latitudes.

Physicists closing in on 'God particle' (26/07/2011)

Experiments at the world's biggest atom smasher have yielded tantalizing hints that a long-sought sub-atomic particle truly exists, with final proof likely by late 2012, physicists said Monday.