List of newly announced Vietnam National Standards On October, 2016
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Text Number

Standard Title

TCVN 11365:2016

Pavement airport: Standard test method for evaluation pavement classification number using a heavy- falling weight deflectometer (HWD). 83

TCVN 11390:2016

Railway vehicles. Train speed and data recorder specifications. 17

TCVN 11416:2016

Fluoro resin paint for steel structures. 27

TCVN 11391:2016

Railway applications. Communication, signalling and processing systems. Software for railway control and protection systems. 156

TCVN 11419:2016

Marine navigation channel. Design requirement. 48

TCVN 11364:2016

Civil aerodrome. Runway. Speccifications for design. 67

TCVN 11389:2016

Railway vehicles. Tank wagons. Manufacturing requirements and test methods. 39


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