Space Day 2018 stimulates passion for scientific research

The Space Day 2018, entitled 'Space in hands', was held in Hanoi on May 18, by the Vietnam National Space Centre to observe the Vietnam Science and Technology Day (May 18).

The event has been held annually since 2014, stemming from the idea of an 'opening day for laboratories', which was initiated by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. This year's event attracted hundreds of students and teachers from primary and secondary schools in Hanoi.

Through participating in the event, the students gained a better understanding of space, space science and technology, satellite technology, space technology projects at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, and the Vietnam Space Centre project.

In addition, the students were also provided with basic knowledge on the universe, universe exploration technology, the application of satellite technology, and others.

Furthermore, the youngsters also had the opportunity to meet with scientists who directly participate in projects on space technology in Vietnam and take part in games on exploring space.

The event aims to stir the passion for scientific research and technology in students, while introducing and providing career guidance for high school students in the areas related to aerospace science.

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