Project Steering Committee Meeting on “Promotion of non-fired bricks production and utilization in Vietnam”
The Ministry of Science and Technology took place the 4th Project Steering Committee Meeting on “Promotion of non-fired bricks production and utilization in Vietnam” on 18th January 2018 in Hanoi.

Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology chaired the meeting. Participating in the meeting were Ms. Akiko Fujii, Deputy Country Director UNDP in Vietnam, representatives of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of National Resources and Environment, Ministry of Construction, University of Construction, Building Materials Department, Vietnam Institute for Building Science and Technology, University of Civil Engineering; Manufacturers, Equipment and production of non-fired bricks manufacturers and consultants of the Project.

Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ms. Akiko Fujii, Deputy Country Director UNDP in Vietnam and participants in the meeting.

After implementing half of the period with four components, the Project has achieved 25 of total 27 outputs, in which 16 of total 27 outputs were completed and also the Project has reached 9 of total its 20 targets.

Initially, the Project has provided technical support to supplement and improved the policy framework to promote the production and use non-fired constructional materials (NFCM), namely Decree No. 24A/2016/NĐ-CP, Decree No. 139/2017/ND-CP, Circular No. 13/2017/TT-BXD and three Vietnam standards on bricks, autoclaved aerated concrete bricks and light bricks. The legal framework has been gradually improved step by step, contributing to the removal of barriers and obstacles in order to bring non-fired bricks are used widely in construction works. In addition, the project has also supported 11 provinces/ cities that have promulgated plans or policies to eradicate terracotta kilns and develop the non-fired constructional materials.

The component of technical capacity enhance for stakeholders has been attracted attention and highly evaluated by many localities. It is the first time the training materials on non-fired bricks were compiled and develop extensive training program, directly impacting stakeholders’ the awareness and knowledge for the implementation of  the No. 567 Government Program on developing of non-fired constructional materials. Until now, the Project has implemented 21 training courses, disseminating technical knowledge to stakeholders with the participation of 1,475 trainees for 50 of total 63 provinces/cities of the country.

The number of three demonstration projects and eleven replications projects have been carried out successfully on the selection of technology, equipment lines, product quality management, which also have brought socio-economic efficiency, communication value and propagation diffusion. Typical cases such as non-fired brick projects at the Luu Xa Cement Factory in Thai Nguyen Province, Thanh Phuc Company, Hai Phong City; Hong Hoang Hong Investment Join Stock Company, Da Nang City; BATA Material Co., Ltd., Ha Nam Province. At the same time, the Project also has supported the provinces or cities and the Association of construction materials to organize successfully 15 preliminary conferences on constructional materials/technical seminars at nationwide to introduce production technology and guide the use of non-fired constructional materials for 1,500 participants.

The Project also has succeeded in effective connection between production investors and domestic and overseas reputable equipment manufacturers and suppliers in as well as mobilization the active support of the finance and credit organizations such as the Vietnam Environment Protection Fund, the Vietin Bank, etc. The Project’s outcomes have impacted effectively and positively to Thanh Phuc, DMC and Duc Thanh Company. These companies proved the efficiency of non-fired bricks production equipment line manufactured in the country. They have supplied over 125 lines and equipment of all kinds for 2 years (2016 - 2017). The Project has mobilized and promoted the active participation of central and local agencies and related partners. Total funding from the co-financing agencies, domestic partners has reached over $ 44 million.

At the meeting, Ms. Akiko Fujii, UNDP Country Director for Vietnam has highly appreciated the achieved results of the Project and believed that such results have contributed for Vietnam’s goals about reducing greenhouse and gas emissions, the Sustainable Development Strategy, creating new job opportunities in the field of building materials.

In conclusion, Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology has directed the main tasks will be implemented in 2018 is to continue to supplement the Vietnam standards on the partition walls of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC); study and develop legal documents to implement the Prime Minister's Decision No. 452 / QD-TTg, with special attention to the use of ash, slag, gypsum as raw materials for building materials and in building projects; To continue to implement the technical training program, expand the content, subjects to be trained, research and put the content of non-fired constructional materials into the training programs of universities; Promoting technical assistance for projects that have been planned to invest in brick production, promoting demonstration and dissemination of techniques for constructional non-fired bricks in construction works; To support the capacity enhance of brick-making factories in domestic through the operation of the Project, and to mobilize support from the research, development and innovation programs of the Ministry of Science and Technology's and the Ministry of Construction; Implementing a widely media strategy in various ways to raise awareness of non-fired bricks to all stakeholders.

On 19th September in 2014, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1686/ QD-TTg approving the list of projects "Promotion of non-fired bricks production and utilization in Vietnam" funded by UNDP from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) aids. The Ministry of Science and Technology will play as a lead agency of the Project, the Ministry of Construction as co-implementing agency.

The overall goal of the project is to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by gradually reducing the use of fossil fuels and soils for bricks through increasing the production, trade and use of non-fired bricks./.


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