Green One UN House recognized with highest-level award for Green Buildings in Viet Nam (23/05/2017)

Viet Nam Green Building Council (VGBC) awards the Green One United Nations House (GOUNH) with the Platinum LOTUS Certification, the highest level in the market-based green building rating system.

Rise of the mind-reading machines (22/05/2017)

Rise of the mind-reading machines

Exclusive Multipoint Skype for Business Connections with AVer’s Next Generation Orbit Series SVC (18/05/2017)

AVer’s innovation knows no bounds with the release of the next generation of videoconferencing systems: the Orbit Series SVC . The futuristic design features a fluid, curved aesthetic, which supports a powerful 18X total zoom lens

Is this the end of blood donation? Scientists close to unlimited supply from stem cells (18/05/2017)

Blood donors may no longer be needed in the future after scientists showed it was possible to create blood from stem cells.

Teen builds lightest ever satellite - and it's being launched by Nasa next month (17/05/2017)

Indian teenager Rifath Shaarook has designed and built what is thought to be the world's lightest satellite - and it's due to be launched at a Nasa facility in June.

Researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water (17/05/2017)

When it comes to removing very dilute concentrations of pollutants from water, existing separation methods tend to be energy- and chemical-intensive. Now, a new method developed at MIT could provide a selective alternative for removing even extremely low levels of unwanted compounds.

A cheaper, greener way to grow crystalline semiconductor films (17/05/2017)

University of Michigan chemists have developed a greener, cheaper way to make single-crystalline semiconductor films, components at the heart of all of our electric gadgetry.

Harnessing heat to power computers (26/04/2017)

Heat is commonly regarded as computing's mortal enemy. Two researchers, however, flipped the question of how to keep computers cool to how to use heat as an alternative energy source.

New quantum liquid crystals may play role in future of computers (26/04/2017)

Physicists at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech have discovered the first three-dimensional quantum liquid crystal -- a new state of matter that may have applications in ultrafast quantum computers of the future.

Faster biosensor for healthcare now developed (26/04/2017)

A new technology has been designed that is 20 times faster than the existing biosensors using micromagnetic pattern of spider web. The technology can be used for early diagnosis and recurrence diagnosis of diseases such as cancer.