Finals and awards ceremony of BR-VT province’s Startup Innovation Contest in 2018-2019
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On April 26, 2019, the Final and Awards Ceremony of BR-VT province's Startup Innovation Contest in 2018-2019 were took place at Vung Tau city. Attending this event was Mr. Le Tuan Quoc - Vice Chairman of BR-VT People's Committee, Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong - Deputy Director of the National Office in Southern Region (Ministry of Science and Technology) and members of the Contest Organisers (in which Mr. Mai Thanh Quang - Director of the Department of Science and Technology is the Head of the Competition), with representatives of departments and agencies, start-up support organizations inside and outside the province, young business associations, individuals and startup businesses in the province.

The BR-VT province's Startup Innovation Contest t in 2018-2019 aims to seek and support the development of excellent startup projects as well as to promote the movement of startup innovation in the province.

After going through Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds, the Final Round Contest had the participation of 17 projects selected from 66 participating projects to select 01 First Prize, 02 Second Prizes, 03 Third Prizes, 09 Consolation Prizes with the total prize of VND 210 million and the Sponsor's prizes as well as support from the provincial startup support policy after the Contest.

Mr. Le Tuan Quoc - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee gave a speech at the event "In 2018, the startup ecosystem in the province had positive developments. In the province, startup support organizations, startup support programs, startup clubs, business incubators were initially formed. The People's Committee established an office to promote startup innovation in BR-VT province. The connections with domestic and international startup ecosystems have also formed and brought practical results. The province has implemented the Incubation Program for Startup, Startup Advisory Connection Program and issued the Startup Support Policy in the project of Support Small and Medium Enterprises in the period 2019-2025. Up to now, there has been more and more development of startup projects that have good quality.”.

The Final Contest is exciting with 17 presentations of the contest teams. The Contest Organisers marked and summarized awards for the 15 best projects of the following authors and businesses:

  • 01 First prize belongs to the project "Seawater filter machine into freshwater for fishing ships" of Hiep Luc and Phat Trien Viet Company Limited.
  • 02 Second prizes belong to two projects "Mobile visual vehicles" by author Nguyen Viet Giap, "Rom Hi Hoay" - author Nguyen Bich Diep and Dang Anh Tuan.
  • 03 Third prizes belong to three projects of "Vietnamese tea tree carpentry - Roasted beans and traditional drinks" of Moc Thanh Tra Vietnam Co., Ltd., "Lavia: Coffee - Kidzone - EngLish" - author Huynh Thu Suong and Huynh Van Trai, "Bapula chocolate" of Amazon Food Company Limited.

Finnally, 09 Consolation prizes belong to nine projects: holes that are used to collect road surface sewage, households, public places with many benefits, dimensions, installation of many locations and many used objects; Vutaweb – a e-commerce technology platform; Dantrisoft – a software for managing restaurants, cafes and restaurants; Insulated cover with loofah fiber; Tourist area "cacao park"; Waste water treatment system; Bird's nest yogurt  Yosanest; Producing and trading dried fruit products in BR-VT province; Bean and Jam Cafeteria Bakery.

The BR-VT province’s startup innovation Contest in 2018-2019 was successfully organized for the second time with many projects that have a great progress. These projects are received not only awards by cash but also the support of the startup support organizations inside and outside the province in the next stage after the competition.

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