Application of some finished products containing nanosilver to prevent diseases and increase productivity on some vegetables
-   +   A-   A+     11/05/2020

On May 06, the Department of Science and Technology organized an Advisory Council to evaluate and accept the project "Research and application of some finished products containing nanosilver to prevent diseases and increase productivity on some vegetables in Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province". Chairman of the Council is Mr. Mai Thanh Quang - Director of Department of Science and Technology. The project is headed by Msc. Chu Trung Kien, Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Vietnam is the lead agency.

The main goals of the project is to identify a number of suitable nanosilver products, which can be applied effectively to control diseases and increase productivity of some vegetables grown in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The specific objectives include  03 technical procedures for application of nanosilver products to effectively prevent cucumber, spicy chilli and lemon squash diseases in order to increase productivity greater than or equal to 5%. Moreover, vegetable products achieve food safety standards; 03 models of vegetable production using nanosilver products corresponding to 3 types of vegetables using nanosilver relating to 3 studied vegetables; 200 documents, 150 people are allowed to visit the model and introduce the process.

After more than 02 years of the implementation of the project, it has provided scientific and practical basis to encourage local vegetable producers to effectively use nanosilver products in producing safe and environmentally friendly vegetables. Specifically, the research team conducted the experiment according to the procedure: Soak seeds (cucumber, squash and chili) in an clean aqueous solution mixed with 0.6 SL mifum with concentration of nanosilver 2.0 ppm to proceed seeds before sowing. After the seeds have been planted for 10 days, spraying mifum 0.6 SL with the nano-silver concentration of 60ppm every 7 days until the plants are 55 days.

As a result of this method, the grown plants are able to control the diseases during the crop and leave silver metal in the fruit. Specifically, after testing the planting process, the project implementation team has planted experimental trees in Song Xoai commune, Chau Pha commune (Phu My town), Phuoc Long Tho commune (Dat Do district), with 3 types of trees: cucumber, squash, chili on a total area of ​​6,000m2. As a result, pests and diseases on plants decreased while productivity increased by 7-11% compared to conventional methods.

The Council evaluated that the project satisfies acceptance requirements. However, some minor improvements need to be made as recommended by the Council.

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