The topic "Assessing the current status of Dugong population and seagrass ecosystem in Con Dao" was selected
-   +   A-   A+     17/06/2020

On June 1, Department of Science and Technology organized an Advisory Council to select organizations and individuals to implement the project "Assessing the current status of Dugong population and seagrass ecosystem in Con Dao, proposing management and conservation measures”. Chairman of the council is Mr. Do Huu Hien - Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology. There are three applications for selection: Institute of Marine Environment and Resources, Center for Conservation of Biodiversity and Endangered Species, South Research Sub-Institute for Marine Fisheries.

The objective of this project is to assess the current status of population size, individual density, distribution, residence time and biological behavior of Dugong population in Con Dao. In additional, it also assesses the current status of species composition, distribution, area, coverage, reserves, quality and health of the seagrass ecosystem in Con Dao. Then, it will propose solutions, building models of management and conservation of Dugong population and seagrass in Con Dao.

It is known that Dugong (Dugong dugon) is a rare species of marine mammals, classified as Threatened species in the IUCN Red List in 2019. Dugong has average size, the adult is about four meters. It is one of the four extant species of dugongs. Currently, Dugong only has a very small amount. For Con Dao, this is a place with very developed marine ecosystems, mangrove ecosystems, seagrass ecosystems, coral reef ecosystems that are inhabitants and foraging of rare animals including the Dugong species. In term of seagrass beds, Con Dao has many favorable conditions for seagrass species to develop, forming high-density grass cover and wide area of ​​distribution. In general, seagrass in Con Dao is quite popular but concentrated with large area in Con Son Bay and Bay Canh Islet. After reviewing and evaluating the topic, the Council selected topics chaired by the Institute of Marine Environment and Resources. The project is headed by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Quan. However, it is necessary to complete the project according to the Council's comments before implementing.

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