The pilot production project “Building organic production models of VietGAP longan in Ba Ria – Vung Tau” was selected
-   +   A-   A+     17/06/2020

On May 28, Department of Science and Technology organized an Advisory Council to select the pilot production project: Building organic production models of VietGAP longan in Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Chairman of the council is Mr. Tran Duy Tam Thanh - Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology. The project is headed by MSc Chu Trung Kien, the Institute of Agricultural Science for Southern Viet Nam is the lead agency.

The goal of the project is to improve the quality, economic value, competitive advantages in the market of longan products, and to contribute to the sustainable development of key fruit trees - specialties of the province by owner following the The program of developing high-tech agriculture and organic agriculture is approved by the Provincial People's Committee.

It is known that the farming products of organic standards are growing strongly for the world agriculture industry in general and Vietnam in particular is heading towards organic agricultural production in the coming time. Demands for fruits and vegetables produced by processes to ensure food safety standards, especially organic products is a urgent need of consumers around the world. At home, organic products are of particular interest to consumers but the supply is limited in quantity and type. Therefore, building a model for production of longan and Edor according to VietGAP and organic standards in BR-VT province is very necessary to meet the needs of high quality longan of domestic and foreign markets.

The Council evaluated that the project achieved its requirements. However, it is necessary to  complete the project according to the Council's suggestion before implementing.

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