Evaluation and acceptance of the project "Establishing the Right and manage the Collective trademark for “BanhKhot Vung Tau” of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province"
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On December 28, the Department of Science and Technology (S & T) organized anevaluation  council to evaluate and test the implementation of the theme "Establishing rights, managing and exploiting collective mark Vung Tau Bread of BaRia - Vung Tau Province ". Chairman of the board is Mr. Nguyen Kim Truong - Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology. The project is led by Prof. Dam Sao Mai, co-led by Laywer Duong Thanh Long. The Institute of Biotechnology and Food is the lead agency.

The objective of the project is to establish the right to collect trademark of Vung Tau Bakepipe, to develop a mechanism / organization for the management of BOT. NHBs have been protected.


The results of the study have confirmed the effectiveness of the use of intellectual property tools to enhance the value and competitiveness of products. The Vung Tau Economic Department cooperates with the Department of Industry and Trade, the Department of Tourism and some other departments and branches of the province to promote and implement the management in the area outside of the city of Vung Tau. A document system has been developed as the basis for the management and use of collective labels "Vung Tau Biscuits", including: Regulations on the use of collective marks, procedures for granting and revoking the right to use labels Collective stamps, regulations on the use of stamps, labels and the standard process of making standard cakes have been promulgated and put into use by Vung Tau Cake Cooperative. Developed and implemented a model of management and control of the use of Vung Tau cookie brand, in combination with internal control, external control and control of the quality of goods circulated on the market. school.


Appraisal Board meets requirements and requests some modifications to improve the topic.

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